Контрольная работа по английскому языку 10 класс 4 четверть с ответами

1. Use the words from the box to complete the sentences.

victims poverty affected piece shadow

gasp greedy affect arrangement sheer

1.__________________________people hate sharing things with others.

2. I saw that the girl’s tears were______________________________ and didn’t hurry to comfort her.

3. Families living under ________________________________ line can hardly afford a good education for their children.

4. At the sight of the huge animal the boy gave out a ______________________of fear.

5. By the composition we mean the __________________________ of objects in a painting.

6. Their quarrel may ________________________their future relations: something may be lost forever.

7. Newspapers report that hundreds of people have become ______________________ of the hurricane.

8. I’m sure Sue didn’t tell me the truth out of ______________________sympathy: she wanted to spare my feelings.

9. Listen! This is my favourite ______________________ of symphony music.

10. The lunar eclipse is a short period of time when all or part of the Moon gets dark covered by the ______________________of the Earth.

2. Complete the sentences by choosing the appropriate words.

1. It was nearly noon and the the ____________ objects cast were short.

a) shades b) shadows

2. Jack considers himself to be a ____________ of unsurpassable circumstances.

a) sacrifice b) victim

3. Everyone knows about Anthony’s ____________ for Anna. He’s been in love with her for years.

a) affection b) affectation

4. When I saw the touching scene, I felt a ____________ coming up in my throat.

5. The ____________ of the broken news was such that it left all of us speechless.

a) affect b) effect

6. The ____________ in the young people‘s relations was obvious: they seemed to be on the threshold of breaking up.

a) disagreement b) discord

7. I could see that the poor man’s suffering was genuine, not ____________

a) affected b) discordant

8. l have just ____________ for my brother to come and collect you from the fitness center.

a) arranged b) affected

3. Use the words from the box to complete the sentences.

crumbs slice lump drop wisp speck chunk pinch flakes bar

l. I wondered where the light ___________________of smoke was coming from.

2. The __________________of chocolate I chose was my mother’s favourite dark bitter.

3. The large ________________of snow were melting on the children’s cheeks.

4. We watched the __________________of clay turning slowly into a lovely vase.

5. The house was so clean there wasn’t a _____________________of dust in any of the four rooms.

6. Suddenly he felt a ________________________ of rain on his face.

7. These are ___________________of bread for the birds. Look, they are already coming for them.

8. This ______________________of wood isn’t useless: I’m going to make a toy horse from it.

9. The salad needs some olive oil and a ____________________of salt.

10. May I have a ____________________of bread with my soup, please?

4. Complete the phrasal verbs in the sentences. Use the appropriate function words from the box.

away down for out

1. The teacher had to wait for the excitement to die ____________.

2. The sounds of their voices gradually died ____________in the distance.

3. Please, join us. You must be dying ____________a cup of tea.

4. Unfortunately, some beautiful old traditions are dying ____________all over the world.

5. The echo of the children’s laughter died ____________and silence fell.

6. It’s common knowledge that the dinosaurs died____________ long ago.

7. We don’t want wildflowers to die ____________as a result of pollution.

8. The travelers had to wait for the strong wind to die____________ .

9. I was so hungry, I was simply dying ____________ something to eat.

10. Finally, the storm died ____________and they saw the terrible damage it had caused.

5. Give the English equivalents for the following word combinations.

1. пейзажи и натюрморты__________________________________________

2. палитра художника_____________________________________________

3. настоящий шедевр_______________________________________________

4. преобладающие цвета___________________________________________

5. яркие светящиеся краски___________________________________________

6. Use the function words from the box to complete the sentences.

About as in of with for to by

1. Shelly arranged everything ____________ the publication of her thesis.

2. They couldn‘t come ____________ an agreement and decided to hold another meeting.

3. “Ouch,» she gasped ____________ pain.

4. We are trying to come to an arrangement ____________ who should pay the money.

5. Ron stood ____________ the shadow so no one could see him.

6. What is depicted ____________ the foreground ____________ the painting?

7. Thomas Gainsborough had a real talent ____________ a colourist.

8. The landscape is dominated ____________ a group of tall trees.

9. I’m sure all his portraits will stand the test ____________ time.

10. He heard a gasp ____________ fear in the darkness.

7. Form compound adjectives from the words in the two columns. Use the adjectives to complete the sentences below.

1. Alan rushed into the room ____________ shouting something out angrily.

2. How can you be so ____________ ? Why don’t you want to see other people’s points of View?

3. This is a ____________ medicine, it‘ll soon ease your headache.

4. People living in this area are not just poor,they are ____________ .

5. Don’t worry. Your secret is ____________ . No one will find it out.

6. With his ____________ eyes and a big nose he didn‘t look particularly attractive but he had a heart of gold.

7. ____________ people are calm and relaxed, they don’t get easily upset about things.

8. He didn’t get any help from his colleagues and did the whole job ____________ .

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