Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс 3 четверть с ответами

Task 1. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. Very tall buildings are named…

a) Skyhighers b) skyscrapers c) skyrippers

2. Most famous musicals you can see on … .

a) Broadway b) Chicago c) the Bronx

3. America’s Big Apple is …

a) Washington b) Boston c) New York

4. … is a famous sight in New York.

a) The Chrysler b)The Hudson c) Queens

5. The most extravagant museum in art in New York is …

a) the Gallery Tate b) The Guggenheim Museum c) The Rockefeller Center

Task 2. Выберите нужный артикль, если нужно:

1. Our country is very rich in __ oil.

2. “Have you got any money?”- “Yes, __ little”.

3. You should be careful when crossing __ street.

4. The English language is __ official language in India.

5. __ Broadway isn’t just one of the longest avenues in Manhattan, is it?

Task 3. Выберите подходящий синоним словам :

1. He was a well-known politician.

a) remarkable b) industrious c) famous

2. Pupils have just read a wonderful novel of W. Scott.

a) amazing b) boring c) interesting

3. Many tourists like visiting American restaurants and enjoying their dishes.

a) eating b)coming c)walking

4. I like to live in the country.

a) town b) village c) settlement

5. This deli has great blintzes, but it also has amazing sandwiches.

a) fast food b)fantastic product c) delicacies

Task 4. Подберите подходящие суффиксы к словам:

a) –hood b) -ship c) -ness

a) -ness b) -hood c) -ment

a) -ship b) -dom c) -ment

a) -dom b) –ment c) -ness

a) -ful b)- dom c) -ship

Total score: 20 points

18-20 баллов –“5”, 15-17 балов – “4”, 12-14 баллов –“ 3”. Менее 12 баллов –“2”.

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