Проверочная работа по английскому языку 9 класс Биболетова 2 четверть

Задание №1. Вставьте пропущенные слова: argue, fair, share, get on, argument.

My sons Tom and Chris often have fights. They don’t (1) __ with each other.

They often (2) __ about things because they refuse to share them. For example,

we have only one TV set, and they can never (3) __ it. My husband and I had an

(4) __ about this conflict. I said that Tom had the right to watch TV because he

Was younger than Chris. But my husband said it was not (5) __.

Задание №2. Вставьте правильный фразовый глагол.

  1. She is still trying to … her cold.
  1. get together b) get over c) get off
  1. A group of mountain climbers from Russia … at the foot of the Himalayas.
  1. got together b) got along with c) got over
  1. Please put the knife … on the table before you hurt somebody.
  1. off b) down c) on
  1. The concert is … till next week.
  1. put off b) put down c) put on
  1. They don’t … with each other.
  1. get off b) get back c) get along

Задание №3. Подбери слова к дефинициям.

  1. support (v) a) to calm down or to rest
  2. confident (adj) b) to have comfortable or friendly relations
  3. get on (v) c) a feeling that one can rely on oneself
  4. relax (v) d) to help by approval, sympathy, or by giving money
  5. provide (v) e) to offer (food, drink, help, information, etc)

Задание №4. Закончите разделительные вопросы.

  1. They don’t get along with each other, ________?
  2. The bus driver will tell you where to get off, ______?
  3. She gives you the creeps, ________?
  4. There wasn’t a sign of life in the place, _________?
  5. Old people are usually more conservative than young people, ________?

18 баллов – 20 баллов – «5»

15 баллов – 17 баллов – «4»

12 баллов – 24 баллов – «3»

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