Самостоятельная работа по английскому языку 11 класс Биболетова

1. A lady … red-handed (на месте преступления) yesterday in the shop.
a) is caught
b) caught
c) was caught
d) is caugh

2. This marvelous poem … by Tom today, i.e. my son.
a) is written
b) was written
c) be written
d) will be written

3. A doctor … for by the time I entered my house.
a) had been sent
b) have been sent
c) has been sent
d) will be sent

4. My children … by nanny last week from 5 to 6 o’clock.
a) was being looked after
b) were being looking after
c) was looked after
d) were being looked after

5. My new invention … tomorrow at this time.
a) will be spoken about
b) will speak about
c) will be speaking about
d) will being speaked about

6. At this moment your task … .
a) is being done
b) is done
c) are done
d) are being doing

7. This person can’t be … . He’s very fickle (ненадежный).
a) relying upon
b) relied upon
c) to rely upon
d) rely upon

8. Your dress … by a customer recently. So you’re late.
a) have been bought
b) were bought
c) has been bought
d) will be bought

9. I … to wait for several hours! That filled me with indignation (возмутило).
a) were told
b) was told
c) is told
d) are told

10. He … a cut (ограненный) diamond at the cost of 10 million dollars.
a) was shown
b) is show
c) were shown
d) will show

1. How many doors … yesterday?

2. His new book … in every book shop in the town.

3. His umbrella … quite a lot of money.

4. Some time ago a letter from my brother … .

5. The students … everything they need their future profession.

6. What … in your language?

a) This film is called

b) Is this film called

c) Is called this film

d) This film called

7. … to the children on time?

a) Were the toys sent

b) Did the toys were sent

c) Did the toys send

d) Was the toys sent

8. The Arabic language … in Turkey.

9. This door … when there are not many people in the shop.

10. … a card to your parents?

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